The Woody Creek Community Center has used books for sale.

Check out our blog for new arrivals! (Click here)


The books are divided into sections such as fiction, spirituality, local interest, and science. Each section has gems… books that you remember, but never thought you’d see again ….books that you have been meaning to read … Most of them are $3.50. Most of them are from readers in the valley. They reflect the voracious, fun readers that live here.

We have an entire section for Hunter S. Thompson fans, including a wide range of Rolling Stone magazines.

We gratefully accept book donations. If there are books in your donation that we don’t think would sell at WC3,  we take those books to the Aspen Library, the Basalt Library, the Aspen Thrift Store, the Basalt Thrift store, Defiance in Glenwood Springs, etc. None of the books go to the landfill. All are used and read by someone.

We are so grateful for donations that if you have 3 or more boxes of books we will come to your house and pick them up. We also can give you a tax donation form for any amount of books donated.

Come check out what the valley is reading at WC3.